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Image by Paul Green

The Dream Begins Now


Welcome to Medicine of Dreams!
In this space, we reclaim the Wisdom and Truth that is our birthright. Together we bridge worlds to access the greater vision of our lives - the Dream World with the Waking World, the Psychological World with the Spiritual World and the Ancestral World with our Present World.

Take a deep breath, get curious and prepare to unlock the power of your Inner and Outer Realities!

Who is Sierra Flor?



I am Sierra Flor, a Holistic Dream Coach &  Counselor. From a very early age I had a deep fascination with the great mysteries of life.  And as fate would have it, I was in store for a life full of the mysterious and miraculous. 

A deeply inquisitive child shaped even further by several 'otherworldly' experiences that inspired me to search for more. And as I grew so did my natural curiosity, leading me to go deeper in pursuit of wisdom, even if that meant globetrotting around the world. Referred to as the 'Dreamer' or 'Sage' my entire life by friends and family, it turned out they weren't too far off. Often seen as fantastical, I've transcended many 'impossibilities' and become the embodiment of my very dreams. And now I share my story, gifts and wisdom with you all so that we may weave the most masterful tapestry of life. A life that dreams are made of!

Image by Paul Green
Image by Paul Green


Sierra helped me with my dreams even more than I expected... she gave me the courage not to fear my dreams anymore.

Thank you Sierra for making such a positive improvement to my life! I understand my inner self so much better!

Sierra's soul is so beautiful, understanding and her energy just makes you feel safe, loved and strong. I could truly be myself!

Image by Nick Herasimenka

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality."


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