You May Say
I'm A

But I can assure you, I'm not the only one. I am Sierra (you can also call me Flor). And I am a lifetime student and a mystic embodying my role as counselor and guide, nourished by the spirit of the shamanic leaders that came before me. I am here to reawaken the Dreamers and aid in the remembrance of the powerful medicine that has long been forgotten.


I was born in Connecticut with a pretty eventful upbringing, including several life-altering events at an early age that truly inspired my unique perspective on the meaning of life. One of these pivotal experiences was a fatal car accident at 8 years old, that sent me on a journey to the other side and back. Today, I see that accident as not an 'accident' at all, but as the catalyst that would propel me (quite literally) into a life completely rooted in Spiritual Wisdom and Ancient Knowing.

As I grew, my gifts grew as well, allowing me to center my focus beyond the appearance of things and peer directly into the subtle realms, including the realm of dreams. Moving to New York City at 18 further opened the door to a dreamy fearlessness within me. A path that led me on a journey of Forensic Science to Professional Makeup Artistry, Ayurveda to Shamanic Dream Healing. My life, like the Dream World, has been layered and vast yet somehow all connected with deep intention. 


My yearning for a deeper knowing guided me on pilgrimages around the world -- from dancing my devotion in dark grungy Brooklyn nightclubs, to studying with Tibetan monks in the Himalayas, to the jungles of Costa Rica where I felt as though I took my first breath again. One thing that has remained certain is that I’ve always followed my heart’s calling and my soul’s wisdom no matter where they have guided me. And in the simple (not always easy) following, I found my way right back to me, the Dream Warrior.

Today I live in Central America, where I cultivate a rich life that dreams are made of, connecting with the land and the shamanic teachers that illuminate the way. In study and in teaching, I commit my life fully to the path of Dreams, enriching those ready to set off on the journey. And as the ancestral wisdom continues to awaken, I too continue to grow, guide, and enlighten the sacred power of dreams -- the Medicine of Dreams.